Wrap me up

How to wrap Christmas presents DIY

This weekend it has felt like Christmas has come with a bang! I’m starting to feel the social media pressure to get my Christmas tree up but I’m holding out, well trying to at least, until next weekend, other decorations are somehow started creeping in. It is the Sunday following Black Friday, which was hectic (I went Christmas shopping Friday and Saturday, was I mad!!) however I think, and I really hope, I have finished my Christmas shopping. Every year I try to get as organised as possible before Christmas to try and save the the queues, the rush right before Christmas. Although this weekend everyone seems to have been rushing around for a bargain.

The second reason I love getting all my gifts early is that, I love wrapping presents (weird, I know). I really enjoy taking the time to add details to make them look really nice, so the person receiving the gift knows I didn’t just spend time picking the gift but spent time wrapping it. Although I don’t have my Christmas tree up yet (next weekend hopefully) the presents also look lovely under the tree as they wait to be delivered and I hate having a tree being bare underneath.

How to wrap Christmas presents DIY

I absolutely loved the COX&COX wrapping paper this year, the rose gold was beautiful with the navy paper as well as Marks & Spencers. But I’m always drawn to a neutral Christmas paper, brown with some details. This year I found the perfect brown paper in IKEA with red and white butchers string to go along with it. I also bought bells (deconstructed Christmas decoration), pine cones and brown labels with the East of India stamps to personalise each name tag. I finished off the parcel with a branch of pine, this is the left over branches from another DIY Christmas project but you could use real pine cuttings for authenticity!

It is now Planet Earth II time, and after a busy day at our friends beautiful Christening, I’m going to sit down and hopefully wrap the rest of my Christmas presents…maybe an need a glass of wine to help.

I’d love to see how you decorated your Christmas presents this year to make them personal.

Lashings of Love,

Kerrie xo


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