Winter Wonderland (in a jar)

As the house is fully decorated with lots of holly, berries and candles for Christmas, I have a lot of vases and glass pots which are just going to waste, I thought I could put them to good use.

After finding Magic Snow Powder last year at the Belfast Christmas Market, I was amazed by it, making 100 times it’s original size, thats got to be magic right! I bought 2 immediately. Last year I didn’t find any other purpose for it other than showing my friends the magic. This year I’m getting more creative and thought I would make little winter wonderland village.

What you need: 

  1. Vases & glass jars
  2. Magic Snow – I bought lots more in Home Bargains. If you can’t get magic snow, use Epsons Salts, low cost and looks just as good as snow.
  3. Christmas Decorations: I bought lots of different ones, anything that is small enough to fit into your jar – I took apart some Christmas decorations to create the forest of Christmas trees. I also took the ribbon and hook of the top of some Christmas decorations to place beside the trees.
  4. Printed houses: I found mine here – if you can find these as Christmas decorations thats even better but I think these print outs are fantastic, easy, low cost and no storage until next year.
  5. Electric tea lights: If your house has some windows, added a electric tea light it makes the jars look so much nicer and more festive but it isn’t necessary.
  6. Christmas Lights (not essential)


  1. Make your snow: Use a wash hand basin to make up all your magic snow, follow the instructions on your packet.
  2. Add snow to glass jars: Depending on what show you have got, add it to the glass jars so you have a good bed of snow so your decorations have a good cushion and can be embedded in the snow. Remember to clean the glass if there is any snow on the glass around.
  3. Prepare and add your decorations: I’d recommend added the bigger decorations first, like the houses, postbox, deer or whatever you have and then add the trees around your main decoration.
  4. Choose where to place your jars: I make enough to place all over my radiator cover in the hallway, I then scatter Christmas lights behind it jars to give it an even more festive feel…and Voila!

I’d love to see what your Winter Wonderland looks like? I love doing this myself but it would also be a great idea to help get your kids involved in Christmas decorating, they could help colour in the houses or decide on their own Winter Wonderland.

Lashings of Love,

Kerrie xo


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