Goodbye 2016…Hello 2017


Today on Instagram I have seen lots of amazing posts to highlight how special 2016 was for some people. New Years Eve is the day that we all look back on the year past and look forward to the year ahead. Today I will spend time looking through my jar of happiness to review 2016 in all its glory.

When I think of all the amazing things that happened this year, Chris and I got engaged, I was bridesmaid for my best friend and my cousin, Piper the pup arriving at our house and the havoc she has caused since, continued house improvements, new shoes and handbags, trips with work, the success of the Little Lash Room has grown from strength to strength and a sneaky promotion in work at the end of the year, so yes, 2016 has been pretty flipping great!

But today I can’t help but think about all the people who aren’t posting about their fantastic year. As great as this year has been, its been tough for us and ours very close to us with lose, separation, serious life changing illness and a lost career for some at the end of the year they may themselves feel lost and happy to see the end of this year and most certainly am humbled and grateful that we have made it to the end of this year and overcome these challenges.

For me, New Years is the start of a new chapter, not the end of an era, thats why my jar of happiness is so important to me, to remember the silly things that really did put a smile on my face. I have just about anything in it, from cinema tickets, boarding passes, wedding order of service, receipts and any other artefacts with a memory. I hate new years resolutions but this year one thing I really want to improve upon is time spent and refocus. Each of us are given the same amount of time, and at the moment I don’t use mine to the full of its ability. I want to make a real effect to spend time with friends and family, just grabbing a coffee, taking the dogs out for a walk and go for runs more. I need to refocus. I’ve created a project list of things I would like to complete in 2017, mostly things around the house but the odd new shoes and handbag wish list too, this steams from my mum who sets goals for each year and she always smashes them, no wonder she is my inspiration. So no resolutions per se.

So do yourself a favour, go out and get a big jar and fill it full of memories for 2017, trust me you will not regret it.


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