New Year…New Me (NOT!)

So we are only a couple of weeks into 2017 and I have seen more posts about new year, new me but I’m always speculative about. I too am hoping to make a few changes, mostly around the house. Now that the Christmas decorations are back in the attic, I’m actually really happy to finally get a good spring clean on (thanks Marie Kondo, I’m obsessed with the joy), clear out things that are not used or I really don’t like anymore (sorry Chris there are a few of your things which are making their way to the charity shop). That’s really my goal for this month is get our house cleared out and ready for the year ahead.

I always feel that January has a way of tricking us, we are lead to believe we much change and start a fresh but are often left feeling defeated when we don’t keep up with our brilliant plans.

This year I want to set goals to achieve:

1. Home Improvements

Since moving into our house a year ago, I have absolutely loved getting stuck into redecorating, every room in this house was an awful washed out yellow colour or bright blue. We have made really good progress and some thins are easier than others to complete and of course a lot of this boils down to time, effort and affordability. On the surface I really do think we are getting there and room by room I can really start to see the theme of our home coming through. Our bedroom, ensuite, living room, hallway and lash room have all seen a drastic improvement in the first 12 months of us living here. I often wonder how quickly I could get the house in order if I didn’t work full-time but of course how would I then pay for all my great ideas!

I’ve made a list of things I want to do around the house this year, again some are easier than others and now Chris is off for a few weeks on gardening leave (lucky sod) he will be able to tackle the jobs that take longer than Redecorating the second bedroom is easy whereas completely redecorating the kitchen will take much long but plans are underway so I can’t wait to see what we achieve this year.

img_4885 img_5045

2. Half Marathon 

I completed a half marathon in 2015 and although during the run at about mile 10 I thought it was awful I pushed through made it to the end and it really made me feel like I had achieved something. What was more important about it was that I set myself a target and I had to do it, not an aimless resolution of losing weight and once it’s booked there is no getting out of it!

This year I want to do it in a much quicker time, the first time I ran a half marathon my training fell to the wayside when I developed a stress fracture and had to wear a very attractive rocker boot. This really slowed me down and I had to take 8 weeks break. So this time I want to create a new personal best.

3. Spend more time with my family & friends

Last year I worked way to much and focused on things that didn’t matter, wasting time on bulls**t. I noticed when one of my lovely clients told mum and I they were heading away to New York for her birthday mum was delighted and very jealous, so my brothers and I decided to book a trip for mum.

This year I’m making the effort to spend time with my amazing friends and family. They are so understanding of how busy I am and really go out of their way to help and support me. Really I just love to laugh and relax and that’s what spending time with them involves, it could be at mums house or on our family ski trip, it really could be anywhere doing anything.


Here’s to 2017, new pages to fill!

Lashings of love,
K xo


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