Beauty Edit | Sephora Splurge (again)

Upon landing in America, it never takes me long to sniff out a Sephora and as I find it I can almost hear the money falling out of my bank account.

My perception on beauty has changed since I have got older. Naturally enough. I’ve began to work out that no matter how much I conceal and powder over, nothing will help if your base isn’t in good condition. I’ve learnt a lot about skincare of the last year of so from countless YouTube videos and even more articles. Maybe my budget has changed as I’ve got older and I really won’t fall into the new products so easily and I’m more keen to spend a little more on a good cleanser and moisturiser than a foundation. First thing I purchased was the Clinique 3 step guide after I watched Leigh’s Instagram story on just how good it was…influencers alert…I’m easily persuaded. I started using it straight away and I can tell you Leigh knows exactly what she’s talking about it. I’ve since bought full sizes.

Keeping in the theme of skincare, I picked up a number of face masks to help with dehydrated skin when I got back. The Sephora face masks are super cheap but really good quality. I haven’t found a comparison in the UK yet so I’ll have to keep stocking up each time I go.

I also had to pick up another IT cosmetics your skin but better foundation. I bought a medium this time thinking that I’ll be a little more tanned throughout the summer. I find this foundation divine after I first purchased it back in January when I was in New York. I’m still not finished my first tube which I use every single day. With my increased use of retinol, each morning I use a factor 15 SPF and then add the CC cream which is of course a factor 50 SPF, perfect to help defy aging skin and reduce the number of freckles I start collecting throughout the summer. I’ve also just seen that we can now get IT cosmetics in the U.K. so I’m delighted that I don’t need to stock up when I’m in the US.

Although I absolutely love this foundation, I journeyed into the Make Up For Ever territory, Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation. One of which I’m not as familiar with but seem to see on just about every YouTuber who then he beautifully flawless skin and has a much fuller coverage and I believe has a longer staying power (18 hours I’m told by the Sephora assistant however I’m sceptical but I’ll put it to the test). Of course no liquid foundation would be perfect without a setting powder which of course I bought. I’ll be keeping this for nights out as it’s a bit heavy for me everyday but I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

I bought another Tarte eyeliner which is my favourite. I don’t usually wear eyeliner everyday but I do have a go at the weekend at a flick. I first bought this is January, with my IT cosmetics CC cream, and again it’s not yet finished but I love that it has both a kohl pencil, perfect for tight lining, as well as the perfect liquid liner which slides on so easily and allows an easy flick, even for an amateur like me. Most of my lovely lash ladies will ask me about eyeliner and I do have to say when my lashes are about 1 week before infills I do tight line most days just to fill in gaps rather than using mascara.

Finally I love the section in Sephora around the checkout where you can pick up sample sizes to try products that you maybe don’t want to invest in right away. I picked up the tarte blush and lip stain, I haven’t tried them out yet but I’ll be giving them a go this weekend. I also picked up a Caudalie set of moisturiser and serum to try out since I love their beauty elixir spray so much.

A non Sephora purchase (!) but it kind of falls into the beauty category was this canvas bag I got from Sugarboo & Co. they have the most gorgeous slogans and it was so difficult to pick just one. Just go and have a look and imagine decorating your house with all of their lovely items.

Until next time Sephora.

Lashings of love,

K xo


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