The latest investment : Chanel

For many the word Chanel brings many different thoughts, classic, timeless, quilted, and even Karl Largerfeld. It was not so long ago that I used to believe that I was too young for a Chanel, my mum and aunt were more likely to be seen with with one, obviously this is not the case. Perhaps I thought it was way too out of reach for me, a much higher price point than any other bag I had ever bought before. From a young age my mum and aunt have been been my fashion influencers if you like. I remember the first Louis Vuitton which entered our house is one which I will never forget and the packaging opening and the dust bag uncovering the screams of excitement. Once I began going shopping with mum and seeing the service and packaging…my addiction started. Making a luxury purchase is just that, luxury. It’s not one that is done everyday and when I do it, it’s really special. Believe it or not I once started with a Burberry pochette when I was 16, more than 10 years ago. The collection has grown from there. I’ve discovered new designers along the way like Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, Gucci, YSL but Chanel had always remained the pinnacle. 

Nothing haunts you like the things you didn’t buy, when I was in Heathrow Terminal 3 earlier in the year and spotted a Chanel, I had a quick browse but made no purchases. Afterwards mum spouted some sh*t about how it wasn’t the right time, I was changing the kitchen…blah blah blah….but it played on my mind. She talked me down that time but I couldn’t be talked out of it this time. 

A couple of weeks ago, I made the longing decision and took the plunge to buy a Chanel. I have been thinking about this for a while, as many of you know I travel with work, and when a trip to the states flying from Heathrow Terminal 5 popped up, I began to think of my next purchase. Terminal 5 doesn’t stock core Chanel stock so I knew the 2.55 was out of the question. To make the first step I would have to start smaller. I wanted something small and classic. TaaDaa…the Classic Quilted Wallet on Chain was the perfect choice to start, well classic was in the title, how could I say no. It is a versatile bag, that is surprisingly deceptive, it can be worn as a clutch, cross body bag or the chain doubled up for an evening bag. It’s much bigger than I first thought. It fits in all your everyday essentials, I can easily fit my phone, lipstick, concealer & sunglasses as well as money and cards. There are 6 credit card slots with a zip pouch for coins. Not to mention the secret long compartment in the opening flap! There is also a small pocket on the back of the bag. Albeit, I’m not able to keep my 6 lipsticks and diary that I have in my normal day to day bag but for this I am willing to make that sacrifice.

Now what colour. Lots of people choose black but I have a number of black bags so I needed something that would do with navy, I really wanted nude but was happy to settle for navy. Hardware, if nude it had to be gold by if navy it had to be silver. 

In the end, as you can see, the nude wasn’t available and as I have learnt from Chanel, taking what’s available is a good choice. Lamb skin and calfskin is a decision to be made before you arrive. Lamb skin is the classic soft Chanel leather, but it does mark very easily. The calf skin is a much more durable leather but it is grainy. I could live with grainy leather, as I know I need a tough bag to deal with my clumsy ways. From first sight, I was in love, but really I was rushing for my flight so I was trying to act cool, despite the fact I was sweating with both excitement and nerves that I may miss my flight. 

Now on to pricing, some of you may be wondering why I keep mentioning Heathrow Terminal 5, that’s because you get the bag duty free there…my own justification to buy it. Brag my Bag is the best place to find out prices about Chanel items, whatever it is you intend to buy and it’s spot on. Chanel website leaves much to be desired but then that is the allure, the desire. 

No matter what, like all my bags, they are an investment…or so I keep telling Chris. Even I’ve surprised myself just how much use I’ve got from it, dinners out, runs to Tesco, even a walk in the park with Stormont (no poo bags were added to the harm the Chanel in this walk!). It has been worth the saving for the short lived splurge. The price of these bags are only going to continue to increase so choose life and go and buy the Chanel. 

Lashings of Love, 

K xo


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