Style | Not feeling so blue

It’s coming into that time of year when the woolly jumpers, boots and coats come out. If there’s one thing my mum would say is that I don’t need any more coats and (don’t tell her) but she is right. Although with that in mind it hasn’t ever stopped me. So I’ve decided to start buying.


Not one to give in to the dark colours, navy, black and burgundy too early, I’ve opted for a lighter colour to kick the autumn off. Light blue is perfect to have the memory of summer but keeps me warm for the colder days ahead. You see the reason I have so many coats is because they don’t go with all my outfits. All be it this colour isn’t as versatile a your standard camel coat but I’ve been wearing it with navy, grey, black and white, although the white jeans are long gone now.

As I’m secretly and old age pensioner I’m obsessed with being warm. Gone are the days of leaving the house in winter with no coat…what was I thinking! This coat definitely delivers. It’s a faux silk lining and and is think enough to provide you with a little warmth. I can still get a chunky knit under it as well so I’ve no fear of the cold now.


I just love the fit, it’s a boyfriend style coat so understandably it’s a bigger fit, I did go for a size smaller as it seemed slightly over sized in a size 10. It’s a bit tight to button closed but I rarely would button it anyway. The one chunky silver button adds a luxurious touch. I’ve styled it with a few brooches including my Chanel brooch and I just love it.

Now where did I get it…Tesco Florence & Fred. Yes that’s right, I picked it up when I was doing my weekly Tesco shop. Im beginning to get worried about the amount of clothing I’m beginning to buy from Tesco, but honestly it’s too good to walk past. It only cost £35 so it’s a bargain as well! At first I thought I wasn’t spending enough time in town to compare but now I have had it for the last few weeks it’s just honestly a bargain for such a good quality coat. Best part is when I bought Chris had no idea as it came out of our account as a Tesco purchase…result! More room for some online shopping now!


So the next time you’re in doing your shopping give F&F a swing by, you may just find a bargain. Anyone who has asked me about the coat can’t quite believe where it’s from and I’ve seen a few more in there that I may just pop on and try on.

Lashings of love,

K xo


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