Travel | The secret South of France

I’m on a bit of a tour of the south of France. Typically we travel down here once a year but to date we haven’t rented a car to journey off on our own, we’ve always opted for the laze by the pool option. This year I wanted to go off and explore a little bit more of this beautiful country. Chris has spent a lot of this childhood holidays here, for me it’s more new. Thankful he also speaks French which means that going into villages were English isn’t spoken often is fine, although I do sit there like an idiot attempting a French accent and trying to read phonetically each word…it’s a bit embarrassing.

First stop on our trip was Collioure. As we drove through the windy streets to get to Collioure the first thing I noticed was the vines running up and down the hills, there were a few tight corners here and there and there seemed to be more room at the airport car park than this hilly car park up by the Chateau Royal de Collioure. Firstly I’d recommend some sensible footwear, sandals with straps are a must, maybe a saltwater sandal, it’s rocky paths even out of the carpark so be prepared.

We walked around the Chateau to the beach and stopped for breakfast, I use the term breakfast loosely, the area where we stopped we bars that had cocktails and waffles so I had a waffle with Nutella, that’s breakfast right. We sat a people watched {my favourite past time} and thought a little be more about what we would do that day. The original plan was to stop at Collioure then head to Argeles for lunch that afternoon.

After breakfast we started walking around the little streets and between stopping to take a picture or walking into another little shop we couldn’t believe that a few hours had just passed. I stopped by a few shops, I was looking for another wicker basket {yes Mum, another one but it’s a different style from the ones I had before}. I did however buy two necklaces, very missoma style, typical blogger much. There was also a cork champagne bottle top that I loved, the owner told me the waiting list was 2 months and wouldn’t give me what he had in store even though he had a few there and that would be a logistical nightmare. Let’s face it, I need to eat every 3 hours whether I need it our not and with all this walking around, I needed it. We walked back to the beach front and stopped for a fishy lunch. It would be ridiculous not to eat fresh fish from the menu when we were at a seaside. We got a small local bottle of rosé wine. It has to be said rosé wine just tastes devine on holiday especially if it’s perfectly chilled.

To walk off lunch, we walked to the church, had a walk around inside, it’s beautiful, so peaceful and quiet. Then we walked to the end of the pier. Whether it was just the day we went or time of year or what but oh my was it windy, it was like we had stepped into a different climate when we walked over there.

Last stop for a coffee then it started to cloud over and rain a little. If I had a little bit more time and spent less time drinking rosé and coffee then I would have loved to go to the Chateau and the little train around town. There are also boats over to Argeles, although that was a little choppy for me.

We took another day to go to Argelès, it’s more of a tourist seaside town and has more bars and shops there but honestly I didn’t like it as much as in loved Collioure and we’ll be back again.

Lashings of Love,

K xo


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