Prices at Strand & Stripes

Patch test and Consultation to review your eyelash condition and the desired shape and look of your eyelash extensions – £15 – this is a deposit and will be taken off your first full set cost.

Full set of Semi-Permanent Mink Eyelashes: £50

In fills: Maintenance appointments are required every 3-4 weeks to ensure the full and beautiful look. By this time, the premature lashes will have now grown into healthy lashes for you to attach the new extensions to. This cycle will repeat itself month after month so there will always be a constant supply of healthy lashes to apply new extensions to.The cost of the maintenance for your lashes depends on how  well you look after them and how long it is between appointments.  Price is from £30 – £40.

In fill appointments are only booked on the understanding that you still have around 40-60% of your lashes left.  If they have all come out you would need to book a full set.   These lashes last wonderfully if follow the aftercare advice.

Removal: Free if the lash extensions were done by Strand & Stripes, £10 if someone else did your extensions.

Never attempt to remove lashes by pulling them out.  Always return to Strand & Stripes for correct and safe removal to avoid damage to your natural lashes!