Wrap me up

How to wrap Christmas presents DIY

This weekend it has felt like Christmas has come with a bang! I’m starting to feel the social media pressure to get my Christmas tree up but I’m holding out, well trying to at least, until next weekend, other decorations are somehow started creeping in. It is the Sunday following Black Friday, which was hectic (I went Christmas shopping Friday and Saturday, was I mad!!) however I think, and I really hope, I have finished my Christmas shopping. Every year I try to get as organised as possible before Christmas to try and save the the queues, the rush right before Christmas. Although this weekend everyone seems to have been rushing around for a bargain.

The second reason I love getting all my gifts early is that, I love wrapping presents (weird, I know). I really enjoy taking the time to add details to make them look really nice, so the person receiving the gift knows I didn’t just spend time picking the gift but spent time wrapping it. Although I don’t have my Christmas tree up yet (next weekend hopefully) the presents also look lovely under the tree as they wait to be delivered and I hate having a tree being bare underneath.

How to wrap Christmas presents DIY

I absolutely loved the COX&COX wrapping paper this year, the rose gold was beautiful with the navy paper as well as Marks & Spencers. But I’m always drawn to a neutral Christmas paper, brown with some details. This year I found the perfect brown paper in IKEA with red and white butchers string to go along with it. I also bought bells (deconstructed Christmas decoration), pine cones and brown labels with the East of India stamps to personalise each name tag. I finished off the parcel with a branch of pine, this is the left over branches from another DIY Christmas project but you could use real pine cuttings for authenticity!

It is now Planet Earth II time, and after a busy day at our friends beautiful Christening, I’m going to sit down and hopefully wrap the rest of my Christmas presents…maybe an need a glass of wine to help.

I’d love to see how you decorated your Christmas presents this year to make them personal.

Lashings of Love,

Kerrie xo


Collage Ideas

There is nothing I dislike more around the house than boring walls and although I’m no art enthusiast I do love to have my walls filled with pictures of my friends, family or places which have sentimental value. Pinterest is full of ideas for collage walls, I’ve done 2 so far and now I know how easy it is, where do I stop…

The fun 

Find the pictures you want to use. I love getting ideas from Pinterest and unusual shops. This is not something that can be done overnight it will take a while to find the right pictures you want. Choose a theme, it could be the same style pictures or the same colour frames whatever you like so it looks spontaneously placed on the wall.

The trial

Whether you have canvas or picture frames lay them on the floor and swap around until you get a format you love. Take pictures of different layouts so you can review later and see what you think.

The test

Measure out the pictures and pencil in the corners so I knew exactly where I was going to place them on the wall. I started with the width and height from one side to the next of the whole collage.  This way you will be able to see exactly what space you are using and can make edits as you see fit. My advice, start in the middle and work your way out.

The scary bit

The thought of hammering away into a wall causes me anxiety, if you’re a centimetre out the whole thing can look wrong. I first found command strips when I was shopping in tesco I was intrigued by what they were so I had a look. I didn’t believe it at first, then I started using them. They act like a Velcro stick between the picture frame and the wall which and has adhesive to stick to the wall. I change my mind all the time so these command strips are perfect as they just pull down and come off the wall with no marks left at all.

And you’re done! The great thing about command strips is they can be removed so easily without leaving marks on your walls. If you decide you’re not sure why not change it around!

Lashings of love,


Let’s get organised 

For some time now I have been frustrated with how unorganised my make up and hair products have been. It is the sole reason why every time I’m looking for something in particular, my room then looks like a bomb site as I riffle through boxes and drawers to find something. I’d love to say that it’s always why I’m running late when I’m getting ready…but it is probably just watching Gone Girl…AGAIN!  I decided to do something about it…lets get organised!

Finding suitable storage

I’m one for a challenge and I love nothing more than getting an old piece of furniture and making it into something new, and of course Annie Sloan has made that all so much more accessible. I went to the Yard Shop to find this chest of drawers, it had a few knocks when I got it but I love that, it’s full of character. It was sanded and then painted with Annie Sloan Antoinette. Everything else in this room is Antique White so I thought I would make this piece a statement. I wanted storage not only for my make up but she my hair dryer, curling tongs, heated rollers the works, so I worked out 2 drawers for hair and 2 for all beauty products.


Take this opportunity to organise your make up, is it old, new, when was the last time you used it, is it in date, what are you missing and need more of (that’s the fun part!). Once I started to organise I became obsessed with finding every piece of make up in my house, I checked the car, coat pockets and handbags (I can’t tell you the number of lipsticks I found in handbags from nights out…WELCOME BACK)!


For those who have been in my lash room, you know it’s not a huge space to work with. I removed all of the drawers, lay them on the floor and  began cleaning my drawers and make up cases, everything was completely disinfected. Jumping from space to space as everything is now laying on the floor I finally felt like I was getting somewhere.


Put everything into a category, I started with 3: face, eyes & lips; then I created subcategories:


Shadows & palettes

Lip balm
Lip stick
Lip pencil

This sounds techincal but once you get going it’s really easy and makes adding them to the drawer so much more efficient!

Organise sections and add make up

Using the IKEA HOFTA I was able to segment the drawer to suit the categories I had. I started by splitting the drawer into thirds and then filled the largest of each category then slotting another divider. Simple.


I’ve been using this for the last month and this system really works. I keep my everyday make up in a make up bag in my handbag and then this is the perfect way to store everything else. It’s so much easier to find everything now and I’m encouraged to put everything away in the same place so it stays neat.

Lashings of Love,

K xo