Beauty | Glossier

I don’t know what it is but buying cosmetics online just doesn’t seem right without having an idea of what it’s like. I don’t know why I feel like this. When I knew I was in New York I had to stop by Glossier, UK shopping started a while ago but I knew very little about the products so I had to get a feel for them in store. I really want to buy into this brand, I love the concept, branding and the packaging, plus the idea of minimalist make up is right up my street but can I make it work in theory. I do love a good bit of slap, perhaps it’s a subconscious thing, I hate my freckles and dryness so I want to just cover them up.

When you head to Lafayette Street, NY, you’ll see the Glossier signs, they stand it most on the street. As you walk into the building, there is a hanger of bags with a load of pink bubble wrap bags and a staff member telling you to go into the elevator and take it to the penthouse, why yes I will. We arrived in to everything light pink, even more yes! We walked around for a few minutes tested a few products, my favourite thing is that they have sample brushes for boy brow and also make up remover when you’ve covered your hand in lipstick. I quickly decided what I wanted (I already had an idea before I came) and asked someone how I got he products to go to the wee till (or pay for anyone outside of Northern Ireland) she looked at me like I was crazy, “you can order & pay with me” she said while in a pale pink boiler suit and converses. Once I was over the outfit, I began to understand that this was the apple of cosmetics. I ordered on her iPad then stood to the side and waited for them to call my name. A very different experience.

With bushy brow dreams, boy brow was exactly what I had set my sights on. It has a small fine brush which picks up a good amount of product. My favourite thing is that it doesn’t leave your brows crispy like hairspray has been added to them. I got brown and but it doesn’t add too much colour. The price point does make me a little nervous. I think it’s a mid brand but with a high end price point. Once I’m finished this one I do think I will be making a repeat purchase even though the price does put me off, it delivers against my expectation so it’s a yes from me.

I’d seen the boy brow in the phase 2 make up set so thought why not try out the other products as well. It come with the generation g lipstick. A sheer lipstick which is perfect for work or a light make up day. I got zip, if you know me at all, I’m a big fan of a red, easily over 20 different reds from various brands and shades. This red is beautiful, it has a cool tone to it and because it’s sheer means that it’s not too much for work. It is buildable so you can get a good amount of colour on. It’s not that long lasting but what I do like is that it wears off evenly not leaving a outer line. I loved the consistency of this lipstick while I was there so much that I added another one to my basket and got generation g in like as well, it’s a cool pink tone which I’ve got for everyday wear. I previously had been wearing MAC lipstick everyday but what I love about Glossier is that it’s not tested on animals and vegan friendly, so they’re kinda talking my language. The lipsticks are matte but also really moisturising which is a win win for me, that really does out way the long lasting factor.

Lastly the third item in the phase 2 make up set was the stretch concealer. It’s an oily consistency which as they say is flexible. I’ve been applying it with my ring finger under my eye and the blending with a beauty blender. I need to build on that. It’s just not enough coverage for my bags, life I work full time and lash in the evenings so my bags are the size of a 2.55 Chanel so I need all I can get to cover them. It’s just not enough on its own. It also feels oily as well and for me with very dry skin this does help but I also powder up once it’s applied as I think it moves around. I like make up to stay and at least look human after the end of a 9 hour day. If you want a dewy finish, this is the one for you. Out of all the things I bought, honestly, this is my least favourite, but I don’t hate it. I’ve concluded that I need ALL of the make up on my face so sheer concealer isn’t for me, not a repurchase but perfect for holiday or a weekend light make up application.

Outside of the phase 2 make up I also bought two of the balm dot com lip balms. I do love a lip balm. I got coconut and cherry. The cherry has a little bit of colour to it but doesn’t leave too much on your lips, just enough. This is without a doubt my favourite lip balm ever. It’s super moisturising and long lasting, well worth the investment.

I’d like to try out the cream blush they have and I’m crying out for a bronzer. I know they have a skincare range which some people just love but I’m dubious about bloggers who have been sent these items and are raving about them. I have heard it’s great for dry skin but with my skin changing like the weather here in Northern Ireland, I currently have a skincare routine that is working for me so I’m not willing to take the chance on any changes. I also seen the body wash and at £15, no thanks, that’s just ridiculous, but hell yeah it would look nice in a bathroom, speaking of which I’m hoping to renovate ours this year so maybe I’ll treat myself when that happens.

With shipments of over £25 for free, I think I could easily rack up that spend, we all know the shipping fee is what puts us off at the checkout so free shipping is a dream. It’s worth a try and there are so star products here.

Lashings of Love,

K xo


Beauty | Charlotte Tilbury just take my money!

A few weeks ago I journeyed into town after a hard days work and thought I deserved a treat. I needed to pick up a few bits and while I was there I thought I may as well have a look in the sale. What harm could that have. 

I walked with stealth through House of Fraser, straight past Mulberry (well I’d seen all there sale items online, no point in looking there). I came to an abrupt stop, right at the Charlotte Tilbury counter. I remembered a friend of mine recommended the overnight bronze and glow mask. When I seen her with no make up on, she looked amazing, glowy and tanned skin, I had to have this miracle worker. But of course I didn’t stop there. I decided to buy the all in one palette as well. £87 later I walked out, happy with my new buys…I then splurged a little more in the sales. 

But I’m not here to talk about my other purchases for it is Charlotte Tilbury that has really impressed me. I’ve bought a few things from her, mostly lipsticks and I love how every time I hear her speak she addresses us a darlings! 

The packaging is devine, slap on a bit of foil printing and I’ll pay double, it’s simple. The packaging on the overnight glow mask did throw me a little. Clearly there was a rebrand at some stage before this product was launched. On the tube a white and gold foiled sticker was carefully applied, not noticeable to the disconcerting. It most certainly hasn’t put me off. 

The overnight mask states that a thin layer should be applied over the face and décolletage, washing hands afterwards. Having very dry skin, normally face tans leave dry patches around my face but this couldn’t have been more hydrating. I woke up in the morning with a natural glow, one which I would have been happy to run to the shops with no make up whatsoever. It took the grey look out of my skin. I applied for 3 nights and left for 5 days. No funny fake tan smell either which is a huge plus for me! It wears off naturally with no patchy marks. I do my normal skin care routine with cleanser, toner & moisturiser afterwards, it didn’t notice this having an impact on it, but the glow is so natural, I doubt it would. 

Moving on to the instant look in a palette. I’m no make up artist but I do love a new palette. It’s taken me years to allow myself other eye shadow palettes without feeling like I’m cheating on the Urban Decay Naked range. There’s no doubt I still love it, and it is a tough one to beat. In all honesty I just never felt like I needed another range of colours, I keep it fairly neutral. But this palette was different, it’s not just eyes it’s so much more. 

By combining eyes, blush, bronze and highlight, it’s the perfect palette for travelling and is perfect for when I spend a bit of time away from home every now and again. I brought very minimal make up with me last week as we only brought hand luggage with us (light packers) and it was perfect for the whole trip! Perfectly pigmented and this will be my new go to for the foreseeable. 

It’s started to make me think about anything else I’m missing from my Charlotte Tilbury collection, I’ve focused most of my time wondering about my next Sephora buys that I forgot all about the fabulous brands we have here at home. Plus the staff in House of Fraser were so friendly and helpful, if they had shown me anything else I would have added that to my basket as well. 

What other Charlotte Tilbury products would you recommend? I think it’s time for another visit! 

Lashings of Love, 

K xo

Happy 2nd Birthday 

So today I’m celebrating the Little Lash Room turning 2, yes 2! The first year was filled with twists and turns and I learnt so much along the way. I suppose this year I feel like I’ve got my sh*t together and let’s face it, things come better in twos.

Why lashing? 

This is without a shadow of doubt the most frequently asked question. When girls first uncover that lashing is not my full time job they are immediately inquisitive, and understandably so. A couple of years ago I wanted to do something just for myself, prove to myself that I can do just about anything I set my mind to. I had just finished my masters degree which I had been studying part time for 3 years so I had a lot more time on my hands so couldn’t just sit down. I had been getting eyelash extensions for a while and became obsessed with them, never having them off. I wasn’t happy in my last job and really that was the push to make me go for it, something new. I took the plunge. I went for the training and quickly became addicted to my new craft. Looking back now, I needed a lot of practice but I was content with my progress. It took a long time but I pushed myself. Fast forward 2 years and I’m fully booked every evening forweeks and months in advance and couldn’t be more delighted with what we have achieved.

Sometimes I think it’s just me doing it on my own, but really it isn’t. There are lots of people in the background. I can’t go without mentioning my friends and family who have supported me along the way, I don’t know where I would have got to with out you. The likes, shares and telling all who listen. Mummy the eternal guinea pig who will let me try out any new product on her, so I knew exactly what I was offering. Chris, the receptionist and chief tea maker, many of you will meet Chris when he answers the door to tell you that I’m running late, usually because I’ve nattered on for much longer than I should, but hey, that’s all part of the experience. I’m so grateful for each and every girl who has ever crossed my door and given me your time, you girls are my therapy and when I’m asked how I do it, my answer really is you!

I now feel like I could do just about anything. This time 2 years ago I was sitting with no likes, followers and an appointment book with a lot of empty spaces. Honestly I didn’t really know what I was doing. This is my baby and I’ve watched it grow into something way more than even my expectations.

But there is more…Guess what, there is more than lashes, I’m no longer just the Little Lash Room. Along my journey you will have seen me reach some of my mile stones, I’ve bought a house, got engaged, planning my wedding, got a puppy and now celebrate 2 years of the Little Lash Room. Where did time go hey! Did I miss anything, probably yes, I spend very little time reflecting and look forward to whats ahead. But equally every day isn’t about milestones, some days it’s just having a good old moan about life, a walk in the park or a ginsecco with friends. Milestones are just a reference point on the road to show us how far we have come, but there is a big open road ahead and who knows where that can take us!

Looking back I can reflect on where I started and what I was and how I have evolved. I’ve become a real life adult, adulting all day long. The amazing girls I have met over the last 2 years and the friendships that have flourished! I’ve found my voice. It’s not just lashes, I’m so much more. I found my passion in so many other things than lashing and it’s honestly given me the confidence to try just about anything!

Lashings of Love,

K xo

Beauty Edit | Sephora Splurge (again)

Upon landing in America, it never takes me long to sniff out a Sephora and as I find it I can almost hear the money falling out of my bank account.

My perception on beauty has changed since I have got older. Naturally enough. I’ve began to work out that no matter how much I conceal and powder over, nothing will help if your base isn’t in good condition. I’ve learnt a lot about skincare of the last year of so from countless YouTube videos and even more articles. Maybe my budget has changed as I’ve got older and I really won’t fall into the new products so easily and I’m more keen to spend a little more on a good cleanser and moisturiser than a foundation. First thing I purchased was the Clinique 3 step guide after I watched Leigh’s Instagram story on just how good it was…influencers alert…I’m easily persuaded. I started using it straight away and I can tell you Leigh knows exactly what she’s talking about it. I’ve since bought full sizes.

Keeping in the theme of skincare, I picked up a number of face masks to help with dehydrated skin when I got back. The Sephora face masks are super cheap but really good quality. I haven’t found a comparison in the UK yet so I’ll have to keep stocking up each time I go.

I also had to pick up another IT cosmetics your skin but better foundation. I bought a medium this time thinking that I’ll be a little more tanned throughout the summer. I find this foundation divine after I first purchased it back in January when I was in New York. I’m still not finished my first tube which I use every single day. With my increased use of retinol, each morning I use a factor 15 SPF and then add the CC cream which is of course a factor 50 SPF, perfect to help defy aging skin and reduce the number of freckles I start collecting throughout the summer. I’ve also just seen that we can now get IT cosmetics in the U.K. so I’m delighted that I don’t need to stock up when I’m in the US.

Although I absolutely love this foundation, I journeyed into the Make Up For Ever territory, Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation. One of which I’m not as familiar with but seem to see on just about every YouTuber who then he beautifully flawless skin and has a much fuller coverage and I believe has a longer staying power (18 hours I’m told by the Sephora assistant however I’m sceptical but I’ll put it to the test). Of course no liquid foundation would be perfect without a setting powder which of course I bought. I’ll be keeping this for nights out as it’s a bit heavy for me everyday but I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

I bought another Tarte eyeliner which is my favourite. I don’t usually wear eyeliner everyday but I do have a go at the weekend at a flick. I first bought this is January, with my IT cosmetics CC cream, and again it’s not yet finished but I love that it has both a kohl pencil, perfect for tight lining, as well as the perfect liquid liner which slides on so easily and allows an easy flick, even for an amateur like me. Most of my lovely lash ladies will ask me about eyeliner and I do have to say when my lashes are about 1 week before infills I do tight line most days just to fill in gaps rather than using mascara.

Finally I love the section in Sephora around the checkout where you can pick up sample sizes to try products that you maybe don’t want to invest in right away. I picked up the tarte blush and lip stain, I haven’t tried them out yet but I’ll be giving them a go this weekend. I also picked up a Caudalie set of moisturiser and serum to try out since I love their beauty elixir spray so much.

A non Sephora purchase (!) but it kind of falls into the beauty category was this canvas bag I got from Sugarboo & Co. they have the most gorgeous slogans and it was so difficult to pick just one. Just go and have a look and imagine decorating your house with all of their lovely items.

Until next time Sephora.

Lashings of love,

K xo

Hand Luggage Only  

The Little Lash Room - Hand Luggage Only

Holiday packing tips for girls heading away for a long weekend

Last weekend I headed away for my friends hen party to Portugal and it was great. Lots of the girls brought check in suitcases and couldn’t understand how I had packed so much in such a small case. With a check in bag I always over pack – I don’t wear all of the things I have packed but I still bring them, just in case. However when packing with hand luggage only the tactics change. More versatile outfits are required to make the most out of my limited space.

  1. Think Strategically

Write down every day that you are going to be there and an idea of what you will be doing.

For me I will either be by the pool, going for a walk or heading out for a night. Here’s how I do it:


Day – Pool – bikini, floral shorts, white cami

Night – Dinner & Drinks – White Lace Dress


Day – Walk – Denim shorts, white tee, tan sandals

Night – Hen Party – Dress Up


  1. Only pack what’s on this list

Its tempting to want to bring more things with you, just in case, but just in case often never happens and for girls who are travelling on a budget, adding a few extra things can cost you a few extra pounds!

  1. Mix & Match

By packing shorts, skirts and tops this way you can co-ordinate these pieces to make the most of your space. Your white cami will go with denim shorts and your skirt, which means your outfits can go from day to night very easily.

  1. Only pack the essential toiletries

When I go away the only thing I really need is my make-up, moisturiser and perfume. Other than that I can buy everything else in the airport or when I get there. I highly recommend if you are heading away with friends why not all pool together and buy the necessary shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste and sun creams once you are through security. Travel size toiletries are a rip off, this way you will all be sharing them over the weekend and very little goes to waste because everyone is using them.

  1. Handbags & Hand Luggage

It has happened to me more often than not, especially on a particular orange airline that the air stewards refuse to let you on the plane if you have hand luggage and a handbag. For me I’m always tight on space and the bag just definitely isn’t going in. Following from my last point of buying something in the airport, be sure to get a plastic bag, this way you can pop your handbag in there when you’re boarding the plane, I know it’s a bit sneaking but even if it was in my case I would have to take it out when I got on the plane anyway so really it saves time for everyone!


Lashings of Love

Kerrie xo

Are You A Stationary Addict?

I picked myself off the sofa today and decided to do a spot of Christmas shopping, all despite the terrible weather. I hadn’t been out all weekend and although I trawled the Internet for Black Friday bargains I thought I would be best for me to immerse myself in the madness.

When Christmas shopping I got side tracked in the stationary aisle and I have to say TK Maxx is winning at the moment. They have the most gorgeous range of note books and diaries for 2016.

Plus for all of my organised girls out there, I got a gorgeous FiloFax for my appointments next year and I’m just in love with it. It was half the price of what I would have paid from FiloFax, and at only £12.99 I think it was the best bargain I got today.

Lovely Lashes for Lovely Eyes

Gorgeous lashes for the lovely Emma, she has such beautiful eyes and these lashes just really enhance them ❤️


MAC-Lipstick-StarterLast weekend I was travelling and when I’m travelling, especially with only hand luggage, I try to pack as efficiently as possible.

When it comes to make up especially with the small clear bags being very limited bring an entire make up collection is next to impossible. To be sure that my make up looks are different and depending on my mood I can change them accordingly.

I wear the same make up every day to work so when I have a bit more time on my hands I love to spend more time and enjoy the process!  Switching up your make up look is so important to be sure that’s its fresh and you have a different look for outside of the mundane Monday – Friday routine.

How I achieve these different looks is with different lipsticks, and trusty MAC comes to mind.

The Red

I have always been a fan of a red lip, and as I have got a little older I have become fonder of a matte lip. I perfect matte red is the RiRi Woo, I got this when it came out a few years ago because it was a slightly different twist on Ruby Woo, although that is still one of my favourites.

This matte lipstick is long wearing and is a great coverage, I would definitely recommend making sure your lips are well moisturised before application. If you have dry lips, apply some of your favourite lip balm while you’re applying the rest of your make up, before you apply your lippie take a cotton swab and remove whats left on your lip balm and this product will apply perfectly! MAC Matte Lipsticks have great staying power – so much so after a night of wearing them I really have to scrub my lips to get whats left off. Depending on the look you want to achieve, I wouldn’t recommend a lip gloss or balm over the top as it will make the product move and not have the same stay power.

The Pink

Girl about Town is a fun bright pink to lift any look, its super creamy which is why I love it. I use this in two ways, for day and night because it is quite a bright colour.  For during the day I will take the colour on my finger and dab it on to the lips which is much more subtle and for night I go straight from the bullet for a more vibrant colour.

This lipstick also has a blue tone from it which makes your teeth look much whiter so you have the perfect smile!

The Nude

I do love a nude lip with a smokey eye, honestly I never wear anything else on my lips when I wear a smokey eye. I have darker lips than most people, so much so when I was in school a teacher asked me to wash my lips when I had nothing on! For such a long time I struggled to find the perfect nude that covered my dark lips but didn’t make me look like I had just plastered them in concealer or washed out. The Holy Grail of make up advice Lisa Elderidge has an amazing video on choosing the right nude for you!

MAC Cremesheen Crème Cup is perfect, I seen a few beauty blogger who had it and I knew I had to try it out. It’s the perfect coverage on the lips and really doesn’t look to cakey!

Myths and Madness of Eyelash Extensions










I first started using eyelashes about 10 years ago and eyelash enhancements have come a long way from there. There are so many different types, strips which are commonly used for 1 day, individual cluster lashes which can be worn for a few days and semi-permanent lashes which last between 3-4 weeks.

As a fully-fledged eyelash addict,  I often get asked so many questions about semi-permanent eyelash extensions; will they hurt, do they damage my own lashes, why does the treatment take so long, will they feel heavy, will they last on holidays and in the pool and can I wear mascara? Before every client comes there should be research done to ensure your experience goes smoothly and that eyelash extensions are for you. I wish to dispel a few common myths so you can go forth and achieve the long luscious lashes you have always desired!

Eyelash Extensions Myth 1: Lash Extensions are ALWAYS Harmful to Your Own Natural Lashes

This is the most common myth and one that can be true but for one specific reason.  A correct application will never result in lash fallout; more often it’s an issue with an inexperienced lash technician. This is usually the result of a technician pairing a single extension with 3 to 4 of your natural lashes, causing clumping and lash fallout.  An experienced technician will glue one extension with one natural lash.

It’s also important to remember that your natural lashes grow in 4-6 week cycles and are prone to fallout at the end of this cycle, so the timing can also be coincidence. Be sure that your lash technician is applying one lash to one of your natural lashes with no lashes are joined together.

Eyelash Extensions Myth 2: Lash Extensions Won’t Last on Holidays

Hot and humid weather conditions actually provide the body with natural oils and nutrients that allow our lashes to hold up much better. It’s in these types of climates that lash extensions can actually simplify your beauty routine. The most popular time for lash extensions happens when women are going on holiday and are planning on wearing less makeup but still want to look polished and put together with minimum fuss.  Heat and humidity is not the enemy of lash extensions! Trips into the pool won’t harm your lashes either or prompt lash loss, just avoid rubbing the lashes vigorously.

Eyelash Extensions Myth 3: Eyelash Extensions will Hurt

If they aren’t applied properly by an experienced technician, eyelash extensions can be uncomfortable.  When applied properly you shouldn’t feel them at all.  If you feel any pain at all you should return to the technician to get them examined.

The most common cause for any irritation is that more than one of your natural lashes is stuck together with the lash extension causing a pinching sensation. In a proper application each lash should be visible from root to tip with no visible glue present. If you have more than a slight pinching sensation this may mean that large clumps of your natural lashes have been glued together with the extensions, a very painful experience! I would highly recommend visiting to a more reputable lash technician who will remove your lashes and advise you of your eyelash condition. It is very important to remember that the cheapest lash technician may not necessarily be the best!

Eyelash Extensions Myth 4: They Take Forever To Be Applied and I Don’t Have Time

Although it can seem like a long time, a full set of lashes takes about 1.5 to 2 hours and infills will take about 1 hour depending on how many lashes need to be infilled and your lash cycle. It’s important to note that this treatment is relaxing, it won’t hurt and often clients fall asleep during the treatment. One factor that can be taken into account is if the client is talking, although it’s nice to have a chat while getting lashes done, animated talking makes your eyes flutter which means that it takes a longer to isolate and place the lashes so if your lash technician stops talking to you don’t be offended they are merely trying to help you relax which will settle your eyes.

I have heard so many times that someone else did semi-permanent eyelashes in about 15 minutes, I cannot stress enough that these are NOT semi-permanent lashes and these WILL damage your lashes because they are just placed on top of your lashes like individual cluster lashes meaning that one lash is attached to several of your natural lashes.

Eyelash Extensions Myth 5: DIY Lash Extensions 

In theory this would be great, and one of the most frequent questions I get asked, I would love it if I could do my own lashes myself; I struggle to find time for my own appointments. This requires a high level of patience and a very steady hand, including trying to balance a lash extension, isolate one lash, dip in to glue and all with one eye open and the other closed.  Sit back, relax and let an experienced professional take care of your gorgeous lashes!

Eyelash Extension Myth 6: I wear Mascara can I wear that with Eyelash Extensions

As each of your own eyelashes will have an extension which is black and coated in black glue, mascara is not necessary to wear and I personally recommend not wearing mascara when you have extensions on. It contains oil and especially if it is waterproof mascara then it will be much more difficult to remove, and if lashes are rubbed vigorously this can cause damage, fall out and even making them a little sore if they are twisted when they are being rubbed.

The good news is that there are water based mascaras that can be used with eyelash extensions that won’t damage or hurt your natural lashes.

Lashings of Love


Today seems an appropriate day to write about my lash addiction. As many people in the UK are receiving their A-Level results, I too was in their shoes 7 years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday; thankfully everything worked out and I began a voyage of discovery through university.

For many of the 18 year old girls getting their results today, they are already make-up artists in their own right. However at 18, I was not, reminisce to a time that Urban Decays colourful palettes ruled the beauty world and contouring/highlighting was unheard of. I was putting these trends to the test with different shades of purple, pinks and the odd blue with an extensive amount of glitter that were being packed on to my eyelids and a blending brush didn’t get a look in.

The reason I thought back this morning was because eyelashes were becoming a trend, they were the new thing and I was addicted. I spent more time trying to place strips onto my lash line than perhaps I did studying. YouTube was becoming so popular and never before seen make-up tutorials were becoming more prominent, recreating celebrity looks and offering their know-how on all things beauty. I would spend hours recreating these looks so much so that I was always the last one to get ready for a night out.

Whilst at university I began working for Benefit Cosmetics and I loved it, it was an amazing time to be part of the beauty industry that valued the thoughts and opinions of the people using the products through blogs and magazines. I was putting on eyelashes every day, it became as much of my routine as putting on mascara.

After university, I left Benefit and got what the university would class as a ‘real job’. As much as I have enjoyed my career to date, I still had a yearning to get back to the beauty industry. In June last year, before heading to a wedding in Portugal I got semi-permanent lashes on, I have been addicted ever since. I still have a large box of lashes which I always kept stocked up…just in case! Before getting the treatment I researched it as I was initially apprehensive which I appreciate everyone is. I became so interested in it that I did the course myself and now am carrying out the treatment for girls across Northern Ireland.

This blog will showcase my thoughts, tips & tricks with all things beauty. As well you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We girls all want to look good….feel good!

Lashings of Love

Kerrie xo