Lashings of Love


Today seems an appropriate day to write about my lash addiction. As many people in the UK are receiving their A-Level results, I too was in their shoes 7 years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday; thankfully everything worked out and I began a voyage of discovery through university.

For many of the 18 year old girls getting their results today, they are already make-up artists in their own right. However at 18, I was not, reminisce to a time that Urban Decays colourful palettes ruled the beauty world and contouring/highlighting was unheard of. I was putting these trends to the test with different shades of purple, pinks and the odd blue with an extensive amount of glitter that were being packed on to my eyelids and a blending brush didn’t get a look in.

The reason I thought back this morning was because eyelashes were becoming a trend, they were the new thing and I was addicted. I spent more time trying to place strips onto my lash line than perhaps I did studying. YouTube was becoming so popular and never before seen make-up tutorials were becoming more prominent, recreating celebrity looks and offering their know-how on all things beauty. I would spend hours recreating these looks so much so that I was always the last one to get ready for a night out.

Whilst at university I began working for Benefit Cosmetics and I loved it, it was an amazing time to be part of the beauty industry that valued the thoughts and opinions of the people using the products through blogs and magazines. I was putting on eyelashes every day, it became as much of my routine as putting on mascara.

After university, I left Benefit and got what the university would class as a ‘real job’. As much as I have enjoyed my career to date, I still had a yearning to get back to the beauty industry. In June last year, before heading to a wedding in Portugal I got semi-permanent lashes on, I have been addicted ever since. I still have a large box of lashes which I always kept stocked up…just in case! Before getting the treatment I researched it as I was initially apprehensive which I appreciate everyone is. I became so interested in it that I did the course myself and now am carrying out the treatment for girls across Northern Ireland.

This blog will showcase my thoughts, tips & tricks with all things beauty. As well you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We girls all want to look good….feel good!

Lashings of Love

Kerrie xo