Alternative Christmas Tree

We are now well into the time when we deck our halls for the festive season. Christmas decorations are my favourite, I think I can be so much more creative around the house and the smell of fresh pine makes the house devine. 

A few months ago I got a Cox & Cox Christmas catalogue through the post box and as usual I sat down with a cup of tea and read through the brochure. I spotted the wooden Christmas Tree in the brochure and thought it would have been perfect in my hallway as it looks a little bare, the brochure was laying open on my coffee table when Chris spotted it and suggested using this as inspiration and make something similar very easily and it wouldn’t cost us a penny as we could use wood from the forest and everything else was around the house.

I began to get creative. I worked out that I needed 10 branches largest from 100cm, incrementally decreasing by 10cm each time until I ended up with the final 10cm branch. Then we went out on a hunt for them, into the woods. On my search, I looked for sticks that were roughly the same width and relatively straight but I wasn’t really strict with it, I wanted it to look rustic as though it is just collected from the forest. Once I collected the sticks, I brought them home and measured them out, laying them on the floor and moving them around to suit, I then used a saw to cut them to the length I needed. Once the wood was cut, I began marking where the holes should go and started drilling through. I cut 3 metres of twine and folded it in half at the top, then I feed through twine on both sides and tied a knot just below each branch to hold it in place, I left about 10cm inbetween each branch. When I had finished knotting each branch I cut the end of the twine and I hung it in our hallway and considered how I would decorate it.

The first thing I wanted on the tree was lights, I used 300 fairy lights. I started at the bottom, near the electric socket and looped the lights around each branch until I reached the top of the tree. 300 was a lot of lights for the size of my tree but I do love an excuse to crack out the fairy lights! When I turned the lights on I was impressed.

The tree stayed this way for about a week and although I liked it, I thought I could add the extra Christmas decorations that were leftover from my Christmas tree decorating. This year I seemed to find that I had lots left over, as I kept buying more than I needed but I couldn’t say no to some of the gorgeous ornaments from Sostrene Grene and The Range. I started to add the decorations to the tree using drawing pins, I only added about 1 or 2 on each branch then when I seen how nice it looked with decorations I kept adding until I thought it was complete.

I’m absolutely delighted with how it turned out and its the cheapest Christmas decoration I have in my house. The wood, twine and drawing pins were already in the house and the Christmas baubles were leftover from the tree. Why not try this simple DIY before Christmas, you don’t need to make it as big as I have made it you could make it half the size. Have you made any Christmas decorations this year?

Lashings of Love,

Kerrie xo