Style | Joining the Gucci Gang

I’ve been toying with the idea of the Gucci Marmont Belt for quiet some time now and had I have done a Christmas list it would have been on it *regrets. At over £200, is a belt a good investment, is it enough of an accessory to purchase and what would I wear it with. Ok that doesn’t take too much time to think about but all the girls I have seen wearing it are a size 6 with a thigh gap and enviable long legs, could I pull it off.

Call me old fashioned but online shopping isn’t my thing and one of my key things was, I wanted a belt that I could wear around my waist and my hips, two very different dimensions. Online shopping just won’t work I needed to try it on. With no Gucci store in Northern Ireland I would have to wait until I could head to a shop. Insert next work trip. Luckily I travel with my job and this time I made a stop in Heathrow Terminal 5, my favourite airport to shop in. I almost know all the shops there so I knew Gucci would have been my first stop. As soon as I cleared security I skipped down the escalator to make my way there.

The loveliest sales assistant came to help me and got me a few sizes to try one. I’ve got a 90cm belt and I’m a size 8/10, although a little loose around my waist they have told me that the stores, outside of the airports, have whole punching facilities as lots of people get an extra two holes added so they can wear it with different outfits.

Initially I thought I would go for tan as it would match blue denim better but once I had seen the black I couldn’t resist, it’s classic. I also decided on the smaller buckle, the medium size buckle, although gorgeous, was too much for me, it looked much too big for around my waist so I ruled it out. It is the most popular I was told in the store so they rarely have them in stock.

Duty free is definitely the best place to pick it up, this belt retails at £235 but in the airport I got it for £195, so if you are thinking of investing and are heading away, wait, you will save the duty on the item.

This has been my first Gucci purchase and I have to say I’m impressed, it has never really been on my radar. I loved the service and the new design of the bags are beautiful. I’m thinking of investing in the nude Marmont bag next.

Wish me luck convincing Chris of that investment.

Lashings of Love,

K xo


Stars & Stripes (well more stripes)

A couple of weeks ago when I was in Orlando, for work not pleasure, I just happened to be staying a short distance from a premium outlet (YAY!). Of course after a long day, I just had to journey over. Premium Outlets in the US are ideal for people who love a bargain from a premium brand, like the idea of TK Maxx but who don’t like going through the rails. These shops are in pristine condition, very tidy, organised and there are lots of everything in each size. Some of the shops are huge and the entire outlet will definitely have you making your step count for the day. There are so many sales people in each shop, the cut throat world of sales in America is one which us Brits can feel a little intimidated by, if you have never experienced it, upon entry you’ll be greeted with “how are you today”, “that’s a really cute outfit” or “can I help you with anything” and these questions flow constantly throughout your time there. Some people love this, I am not one of those people. I enjoy isolated shopping, thinking on my own and when I need help I’ll ask, this culture is very different. The bargains make it all seem a little more tolerable.

Now with a limited amount of time, I had to be strategic, I first found a map at the information booth and marked out all the places I had to go to then others I wouldn’t mind visiting if I had time. This should be everyone’s first point of call, here you will receive a discount book, some outlets there will be a small charge for this, but it’s worth it.

Basically I went to all the shops that mum and I had enjoyed when we first went to a premium outlet in New York a few months ago. This one was slightly different but all the core shops I needed were there. I first went to Tommy Hilfiger. Nothing haunts you like the things you didn’t buy right? When in New York, I seen a pair of espadrilles and for some unknown reason I didn’t buy them, maybe I’d already spent too much money or maybe I wasn’t thinking about summer when I was freezing in New York, whatever the reason, I have thought about them ever since so I knew I had to try. I made a dart for the shoes and thankfully there they were, I couldn’t have been happier and despite it being 11pm at night in the UK, I called mum to confirm they were in my possession. I looked around and picked up a few things for others and moved on. No time to waste.

Next stop Ralph Lauren, I wasn’t here for myself as I think I have every colour shirt that you could find or I will ever need. I picked up a few things for Chris, mum and my brothers and went on my way. When I’m here I like to make use of gathering up some items for what I refer to as ‘The Buffer’, these are items which I gather throughout the year for Christmas and birthdays so I won’t feel the pinch, especially at Christmas.

Kate Spade was next on the list and what I needed was a light grey bag (I use the term ‘needed’ loosely). I love the leather of these bags which make them perfect for a night out. No spill is a problem. I found a cross body bag which had both a long and short strap and could be used as a clutch for only $60…now that’s a bargain no one can turn down. It isn’t as grey as I would like but for that price I almost ran out of the shop with it.

I made a few other stops, Nike, Adidas, Converse but nothing there that really interested me.

I finally stopped in J Crew and I never have been into this shop before (!) but it’s lovely, quiet a few things caught my eye. I ended up with two stripped tops. Yes you got it, I’ve added more to my breton collection. I’m a breton addict and I admit it. By this time it was 10pm and ready for me to head home and settle with all the shopping I had obtained.

Lashings of Love,

K xo